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25mm Fused Silica Wedged Window

TECHSPEC® Wedged Windows

TECHSPEC® Wedged Windows

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Clear Aperture (%):
Diameter (mm):
Thickness (mm):
Dimensional Tolerance (mm):
Fused Silica
Surface Flatness:
λ/10 over 25mm Aperture
Surface Quality:
Thickness Tolerance (mm):
Wedged Window
Wavelength Range (nm):
280 - 2100
Wedge Angle:
30 ±10 arcmin

Product Family Description

  • Uncoated Substrates with a 30 Arcminute Wedge
  • Eliminate Etalon Effects and Cavity Feedback
  • Ideal for Use as Beam Sampler

TECHSPEC® Wedged Windows prevent common issues in laser systems. Highly parallel windows can cause laser instability, mode-hopping, and power spikes through unwanted reflections. Likewise, interference effects can occur from highly parallel plates. TECHSPEC® Wedged Windows eliminate these effects by introducing a controlled wedge in the optical path. These Wedged Windows are available in multiple material types for broad spectral transmission, along with custom sizing and coating options from broadband AR to narrowband V-coats.

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