Email Signature

To upload this signature to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Settings" cog wheel in upper right
  • Select Options
  • Select Email Signatures Tab
  • Select New
  • Give your signature a title. Doesn't matter what it is.
  • highlight the below email signature (you cannot "right click - select all". this will not work):


Name | Title

Edmund Optics® Headquarters

p: +1 856.547.3488 ext. XXXX   m: +1 XXX.XXX.XXXX

Edmund Optics Facebook   Edmund Optics Facebook    Edmund Optics Twitter   Edmund Optics YouTube   Edmund Optics LinkedIn   Edmund Optics Instagram


  • Right click "copy" or Ctrl-C
  • Click into the provided text box
  • "Right click - paste" or ctrl-v
  • Double click into the NAME - POSITION portion and change it to be your name.

NOTE: the "backspace key" will not function and you will need to position your cursor in a way to use the Delete key, not backspace. NOTE: be sure to add your name and position in first, then remove the provided filler text so as not to lose the formatting and color. this can not be fixed in CRM if lost.

NOTE: you may need to adjust the "text box" that the name and position are in if you have a long name/title.
Adjust your phone number ext and add mobile number if desired. Otherwise remove mobile number place holder.
Click "Save and Close"

  • To add signature to an email in CRM, click "Insert Signature" from the ribbon menu when designing an email..

You can make adjustments to the signature after added to an email if need be, but these changes will not be permanent. If a position or phone number changes, you should repeat the above first three steps and then double click into the signature as listed on the Email Signatures tab in the options. make the changes, and then save and close again.