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Zaber™ Motorized Filter Wheels

  • Built-In Controller for Easy Configuration
  • Interchangeable Filter Holders For 32 mm (7 Positions) or 25 mm (10 Positions) Optics
  • Free Robust Software Available

Zaber™ Motorized Filter Wheels are computer controllable via USB or RS-232 connection or with an indexed knob that provides smooth manual control in both directions. Featuring C-mount input and output threads, these filter wheels easily integrate with a variety of cameras, lasers, and additional mechanics. The filter wheels can be easily operated to move at constant speed (velocity mode) or at constant positional increments (index mode), simplifying system integration. Zaber™ Motorized Filter Wheels are easily daisy chained, feature a stepper motor with a built in encoder, and include interchangeable filter holders. These filter wheels are ideal for use with microscopes, cameras, and video systems where multiple filter options are required.

The free intuitive software available from Zaber allows for computerized control of all computer compatible Zaber products. Compatible with serial ports, USB, Ethernet, or IoT, this software provides excellent functionality to connected devices while granting the ability to easily change between or program each individually. A link to the software can be found here or in the downloadable documents section attached to the parts.