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Not Sure if Laser Optics are the Right Fit for Your Application?

This demo shows how easy it is to integrate stock laser optics into R&D laser systems including Michelson Interferometers, beam combiners, and systems designed to characterize beam profiles. The options are limitless for R&D, laboratory, and prototyping applications. Looking for stock optics, optomechanics, and lasers? Think Edmund Optics®.

Featured Stock Products

Ready to build your own?

TECHSPEC® Laser Optics
Description Stock Number
TECHSPEC® 427nm Dichroic Laser Beam Combiner, 25mm Diameter #86-389
TECHSPEC® ⁄λ Mirror, 25mm Dia, Enhanced Aluminum Coating #64-015
TECHSPEC® 5X Beam Expander 532nm #59-126
TECHSPEC® 532nm Laser Non-Polarizing Plate Beamsplitter 50mm x 50mm #48-220
Microlens Array 10 x 10mm, 500m Pitch, 1.2° Divergence #64-479
TECHSPEC® Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter 25mm VIS #49-002
TECHSPEC® C-Mounted Non-Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter, VIS Coating #49-682
Axicon 140° Apex Angle, 25.4mm Dia, Uncoated #83-781
TECHSPEC® Circular Variable Filter 50mm Diameter Mounted 0.04-3.0 OD #54-536
TECHSPEC® Cage System
Description Stock Number
TECHSPEC® Cage Sphere with (5) 30mm Ports and (1) 43mm Port #85-624
TECHSPEC® 25mm Standard Cage Plate with ¼-20 for Post Mounting #85-633
TECHSPEC® 25mm Basic Cage Plate #88-196
TECHSPEC® 25.4mm Kinematic Mount #85-695
TECHSPEC® 25/25.4mm Cube Beamsplitter Mount #85-688
TECHSPEC® Optomechanics
Description Stock Number
TECHSPEC® 1" x 1" Kinematic Mount, 2 Screws #58-857
TECHSPEC® Post Holder, 2" Length, ¼-20 Thread #58-978
TECHSPEC® 40mm, Side Drive, Solid Top, Translation Stage #66-406

Designed or tested for use with lasers, check out our selection of laser grade lenses, mirrors, filters, optics assemblies, and more.

Variety of DPSS, diode, gas, or semiconductor lasers, as well as laser accessories for measuring, positioning, bar code scanning, life sciences, or machine vision applications.

Follow step-by-step instructions for building a Michelson interferometer using TECHSPEC® Optical Cage System components. (PDF 910KB)

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